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Expand iOS text editing feature to allow editing of lightweight markup languages such as Markdown

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Level 3

Version 54.2 of the iOS app, released on 2017-06-27, has a new feature that allows editing of plain-text fiels with the .txt extension.


Would it be possible to expand the scope of this feature to allow editing of files with extensions of lightweight markup languages such as Markdown (.md and .markdown), AsciiDoc (.adoc and .asciidoc), and reStructuredText (.rst)? I don't mean full-blown, feature-filled editors for markup languages - it would just be useful if the current text-editing feature could be used on common plain-text filetypes that do not end in the .txt extension.


I also have this issue. I have text files with other extensions (e.g. *.md, *.otl) that I would like to be able to open and edit in the Dropbox app.

funkydan2 Level 2
Level 2

 This would be great, and shouldn't be too hard to do.

Annie_UK Level 2
Level 2

I would also like this for editing php, css, xml, html files etc… 

Level 3

As a temporary workaround, in the Dropbox app you can rename your file and change the extension to “.txt” (“Rename” under the ••• menu) this will allow you edit the text in the file. After editing the text you can save the changes and then change the extension back to whatever it was before using the “Rename” option again.

Derick F. Level 2
Level 2

Today’s update was rather annoying- it advertises 120 new text formats now editable but apparently these don’t include md, bib or taskpaper extensions.