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Feature Request: Dropbox Paper integration with Asana.

I and my office use Asana for project management, and that platform allows for users to attach documents to project tasks from Dropbox (which is completely awesome). However, as of now the documents that are in Paper are not available to attach - it would be wonderful if a team that is collaborating using Paper could also attach that document to the shared task in Asana so that everything is all in one place. It works so great for the rest of one's Dropbox files, so adding that functionality to Paper would be perfect!

John M.182
Level 1

Couldn't agree more, this would be a powerful integration!! Frankly I don't want to leave comments on a detailed document in Asana but Paper is great for that. Furthermore I'm thinking of using Paper to replace a lot of my personal or meeting notes rather than Evernote and being able to directly link to those notes from Asana would be awesome!

spereira Level 2
Level 2

I can't believe this is not already a thing! Please make this happen Dropbox.

Hey @spereira
Thanks for reaching out with this feature request, it would be a great idea indeed, since we lready have an active integration with Asana
I'll definitely make sure that our development team is made aware of your request! Please keep these creative ideas coming Dart, they're truly appreciated! 
Again, I'm always here for you if you have further queries or need further help!
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Any updates on this thread? Paper and Asana would be amazing! Cheers!


kellyc Level 2
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fb_sz Level 2
Level 2

any news here? this definately needed most.

Wren Level 2
Level 2

I would love to get an update on this request! I really love the automated feature in Paper that allows you to create templated documents via calendar events -- it would be truly amazing if I could import these documents into Asana -- especially if the 'Action Items' automatically became tasks inside Asana! 

Level 3

Has this been addressed since? Can't find anything on Zapier to-date. 

Level 3

Anything on this?