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Feature Request: More fonts &/or ability to change/ highlight with colors in Paper

Level 3

Was wondering if there is any plan to change font color or highlight colors in Paper? 

One suggestion from my simple mind - 

-  How about changing the color of the highlight to red if there is a (-) and green when there is a  (+) 



Level 5

Being able to change the color of text, or the background color in a box/row/column in a table, would be allow highlighting of critical items in a paper document.  Seems pretty basic.

pGrendel Level 2
Level 2

I just did a search on how to change the font/background colors and found this page. Yes, please! This would be very useful!

boriscactus Level 2
Level 2

Yes, please definitely add ability to change font colour and size. This is a basic vital text editing requirement. 


BB2582 Level 2
Level 2


Level 6
I have special extension for Chrome to use my fonts)
Level 5

I use DBP a lot on mobile devices for speaking/teaching/presenting and the text size is too small for comfort. And size adjustment is needed for emphasis... Please add this.

ghazal0415 Level 2
Level 2

I agree would be nice to add some highlight colors options.

mayorov Level 2
Level 2

Just curious if there is any progress in adding font colour in Paper.

metamaker Level 2
Level 2

It is a huge deal breaker for me. When you have it implemented, I will sign for paid plan. Never looking back to Evernote. 

pmbrady11 Level 2
Level 2

Is the ability to tag notes something Paper is planning to offer?