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Feature Request: Place images in a table in a Dropbox Paper doc.

Level 2

Loving paper. The only thing stopping me adopting 100% is I can't currently place images in tables. Somthing we often do here.

Level 4

This was posted almost a year ago and I still don't think we can do this? Crazy. Incredibly frustrating. 

Sam R.2
Level 4


jaylou123 Level 2
Level 2

I definitely need this feature. Missing it is a showstopper for me. Cannot believe they'd blocked it at the first place. Is it that hard to develop ?

I also very much like this functionality.

I hope the team will release it soon. F.


Hey folks - thanks for using Paper and sharing your ideas!


As we do actively collect and track all feedback requests to inform ongoing development of Paper, I've gone ahead and put your request for an option to insert images to tables on our list.


If there's anything else I can do in the meantime, please let me know!

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I've just discovered Dropbox Papers today and it looks great but not being able to put pictures in tables may prevent me from being able to use it for the time being. I hope this feature will be included soon!



Thanks for adding your voice to this @anonymous - glad to hear you're liking Paper so far!

As mentioned above, I have already passed this feature request to our Paper's dev team - thanks for your feedback!

If you have any more feedback or suggestions, do let me know! 

Jr. c. Level 2
Level 2

 This. 100 times This!

please add this feature asap, and making a way that you can rearrange the grid. like for planning instagram posts and someone being able to comment along side 

andaja Level 2
Level 2