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Feature request: exclude file and folder types from synching

Level 2

I use Rstudio quite a lot and I work on several different projects. I keep being interrupted by an "failed to save file" error message. The Rstudio crew says this is due to  the file being locked by Dropbox synching.

Beside the stopping synsching hack, the current solution is to manually exclude from synching each directory called .Rproj.user, which is tedious. What I would love to have is either to be able to exclude automatically these directories from synching or, at least, to have an option on the (Windows) context menu for excluding them with just a click.

I know that this problem is shared by many other Rstudio + Dropbox users. I imagine the same solution for file types would be appreciated by even more users.

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jbtg Level 2
Level 2
This is a really annoying problem. I have projects in different places and have to choose selective sync for each one. Don't have that kind of time in my life. At the very least, allow us to batch exclude any directory with the name *\.Rproj.user