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File Request - Naming of Files

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File Request - Naming of Files

Hello, I want to put the name of the person who uploads a file for the File Request AFTER the file name.


For example, it is now Han Solo - File.mp3


I want 


File - Han Solo.mp3


Is there a way to change this?



Super User II
There is no way to change that I'm afraid Abrams.

I'm also moving this to feature requests.
Level 2

Or how about the option to just not have the file name changed? I'm so confused why the person's name has to be added in the first place. 

Super User II

@garbergr wrote:

I'm so confused why the person's name has to be added in the first place.

To distinguish it from files uploaded by other people through the same file request, and to let you know who uploaded the file. A file request isn't necessarily meant for just one person.

Level 2

I understand why someone might want to have that option, but my question was why their name HAS TO BE added. I don’t understand why Dropbox forces people to add the uploader’s name when the vast majority of file requests people send are handled by one person anyway. It should be a simple option you can check on or off. This cannot be that difficult to code. Until then, I will continue to manually change every single file name to remove the person’s name.