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Folders and Files Should Inherit Smart Sync Settings

Helpful | Level 5

I am a professional software developer and I have been using DropBox for a long time.

I believe that the "Smart Sync" settings should be inheritable. 

For example, if you create a new DropBox folder named "ONLINE" and set the Smart Sync settings to "On-Line Only" for this folder, then any NEW files and/or folders that are copied to and/or created under ONLINE should inherit the Smart Sync settings for the parent folder (ONLINE).

Please consider adding this functionality to the product.


Current Status: New

Collaborator | Level 8

That´s exactly what I was looking for, I really would like to haver only 2 folders in my dropbox, one called "online" and other called "offline", so I would add subfolders/files and everything would Inherit the main folder option...


Collaborator | Level 8

One way that dropbox could implement this would be to have a option inside the selective sync menu to allow you to choose each root folder if you want them "local" or "remote", and everything inside the folder (subfolders and files) would Inherit that option. Only one option on root folders would be great, that would make things easy to manage for dropbox and for users.

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