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Give us Live Photo Support Already!!!

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Give us Live Photo Support Already!!!

Dropbox, The community has been waiting for Live Photo Support for over a year! Please, please, please, give us an update. iCloud, Google Photos, Etc. all support live photos, why not Dropbox? If we don't hear anything soon I will be forced to switch to a competitor, which is unfortunate because I have always been loyal to dropbox. All we want is an update, if this is something that we know is coming then we can be patient.


Here is the link to another related dropbox forum thread:

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I'd love this feature as well. Over the holidays I setup my mother with Google Photos to backup her phone's photos. Was impressed with how they previewed the Live Photos and even included them in making short videos of trips/events. It's also ridiculous that google again is the one with the app that allows turning Live Photos in video or gif for sharing online. 'Motion Stills' is the app, it's been great.
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Over the month I have raise this issue to Dropbox support via email already then I have got ticket number from Dropbox  but frustrating to hear that  email reply automated.

They are ignored customer and there is no improvement anymore to support live photo .



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Also waiting for that, also feeling forced to switch to a competitor... the manual process I have to do to get my live photos on Dropbox is very painful.


It's been ages, lots of similar tickets open about this. What's so hard about looking for a .mov file together with the picture when performing sync?

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@worm a. what competitor did you have in mind? I've been a bit sour about dropbox myself but I have so much stored here at the moment it might take a good chunk of time to switch.

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@bcoyle No idea yet but first that come to mind is Google. Drawback is that they by default resize your photos, but this doesn't help on the paid plans. And Google Photos support live photos sync, so...

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@worm a. Yeah google. Ugh I wish I didn't use Google so much for everything. But you're right - the paid 1TB is similar between Google Photos and Dropbox. And that 1TB gets shared across Drive, Photos, Gmail etc. And honestly the local sync feature of Dropbox I use less and less - I've found it annoying that it'll automaticall sync a new folder and I have to always go in and edit sync settings to remove random folders from syncing across all my devices.

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Hi all,


Sorry for being the carrier of the bad news - there's currently no plans to support for Apples Live Photos. I'll update this thread if something changes.


Thank you,