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How can I download files from Dropbox online to Mac desktop?

Collaborator | Level 9

I need to download video files from my Dropbox online to someone else's Mac desktop for editing with iMovie. Apparently I can't drag-and-drop. The mac already has a Dropbox installed, but in someone else's name, not mine. How can I do this? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there

Sorry for the delay - are you still having issues?

steve t.5
Collaborator | Level 9

Yes, I am. It appears there is no way to download a file FROM Dropbox TO the desktop unless my personal Dropbox is installed on the computer. I can't download from Dropbox online. Is there a way to do that? Otherwise I have to figure out a way to install my Dropbox without filling up the computer's hard drive space. Thanks.

Laurie P.4
Helpful | Level 5

I'm having the same problem. It's my online dropbox. Why can't I download a file????