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How can I reduce text size when printing Paper docs?

Level 2

I'm happy not being able to control text styles in Paper. It's a great feature to improve focus and reduce distraction. However when I print (from Safari v12 on Mac) the body copy prints at what would be something like size 18 or 20 point size on a standard word processor. I generally print size 10. The size means short docs run several pages when printed.


I can control display size on screen. How do I control in print?



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Hi Tarver, currently it isn’t possible to amend the font size on Dropbox Paper, so you can’t amend it before or during printing.
However, you could export the Paper doc to a docx format, open the docx file in an editor and then reduce the size that way.
I’ll forward this suggestion to our dev team for their consideration in future improvements to our service!