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How do I get you to stop asking me to try Dropbox Business all the time??? I'M NOT A BUSINESS!

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How do I get you to stop asking me to try Dropbox Business all the time??? I'M NOT A BUSINESS!

I'm very annoyed! Can't you just tone it down?! I'm a paying Pro customer, I don't need the ads!

Community Manager

Hi Eddie

Sorry to hear that - If you're referring to the ad on the left-hand side of, you have an 'X' button to close it. If you're using the desktop client, you won't have any ad at all.

Level 1

I'm talking about:
* the ad on the left-hand side (which comes back)
* the link at the top of the page that says Try Dropbox For Business
* the yellow notification that popped up this morning when I entered the website
* the newsletters

I might as well go back to a free account, at least the ads then would prompt me to become a Pro user which is actually relevant.

I have this same problem and it is beginning to REALLY bug me - especially considering I already pay for my DropBox account. If I wanted to pay to be hassled by ads that are completely irrelevant to me I would just ask Facebook to start charging. Please turn it off.

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Please stop asking to switch to bussiness its now covering the entire screen


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I agree. Dropbox has been spending a lot of resources trying to get in to the business market.I applaud them for that but I think they are doing this at the expense of their regular customers.


Things like photo tagging and face matching and syncing photos during non-peak times are what I'm after. Google Drive is starting to look pretty attractive again.

Community Manager

Hi all

Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the messaging about Dropbox Business popping up to you if you've chosen to use Pro already.

I've informed our internal teams about it.

Thanks again,

Level 2

Can we have an update on when it will cease please? We are paying customers, its not cheap and there are other suppliers out there.


Please for the love of all that is sacred. Stop with the up-sell. I am already a paying customer... For now...  if it continues i will cancel and go somewhere else.  it's annoying....

Level 2

The upselling is way over the top. I am already paying for PRO. Can Dropbox please tone down this push to Business. It's pushing me away, more than upselling me. Looking at alternatives, just because of this annoying behavior.

Level 2

Completely agree. It's not even so much the fact you're trying to catch my eye, it's the fact it forceably overruns onto my files list so I have to acknowledge it every.. single.. time. Have the star glisten or something, or an option to never be asked again. To forceably open a window that affects my workflow is just abnoxious and ignorant from a business standpoint when dealing with already paying customers.