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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

I want to clear all the Recent file list, there has no clear function please advise how to clear the list.
Thanks & regards

Swe Tin

Level 3

As of December 28, 2017, this problem still exist; on my Mac browser Recent files/pics are listed for anyone to see whenever I open DB.  This has caused a major problem when someone saw private pictures when they opened DB on a shared device. 

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that DB is not concerned about customers, especially those that are not paying for the service.  They have determined that it is actually beneficial for them to lose these customers through attrition and dissatisfaction.  For some odd reason though, they have lumped some paying customers in to the same group and prevented them deleting Recent or giving the option to clear/hide Recent items.   I spent an hour reading over these hundreds of comments in hopes of finding a solution, and it was a waste.  Now, however, I know that DB is not for me or my business.

Level 6

mtsalaben - I see there is a green check next to our posts.  Does this indicate our "question has been resolved".  I gave up on this feed a year ago. I have tried to find a new cloud service but most are just preditor sites like Dropbox.  It is now the norm to share absolutely everything with everyone.  This use to be a great tool for my business.  Now I use only as last resort and as soon as I can find a replacement I am deleting everything and moving on. If it still belongs to me.  My guess they are stealing our copyrights too. It's sad they changed a great business too into a teenage chat line with your BFF.

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Mariedb - Dropboxer wrote in 2015:

I understand your concern. The files that appear in your Dropbox are files that are anyway stored in your account and we only surface the ones that have been recently modified by yourself. 


This is the response that tickes me off the most...

UMM yes we know "they have been recently modified..." but we already know this information and don't need or want you to provide this information.

We WANT an OFF button!


I have been following this thread for a very long time and what really gets annoying is how much of a NON ISSUE this really is. The biggest complaint is people having photos they don't want anyone to see. Just what are you taking pictures of? ???????????????????? I can only guess ............... Good grief. If they are that personal don't put them in drop box! Don't you know anything you put on line can bee seen by the system operators unless you encrypt it "AT THE LOCAL LEVEL" ? that is on your own computer.. So if you all are so concerned about people seeing pictures of you that you don't want seen don't put them on DropBox or any other online system. Now don't bother piling on with your insults and flaming I won't read it. Time to lock up this discussion.
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OutSideTheBox "Just what are you taking pictures" Private personal pictures that WE want to remain private. I have clients that I open my dropbox on their computer.  I do not want private photo's to pop up just because I logged in. Nor do I want pictures of my neice and nephew popping up on a strangers computer.  It's none of their business. Good grief - what part of this dont you understand. They are my photos and I don't want to share them with anyone. PERIOD! Ignorant a** - Flame-out!

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Considering the number of comments and similar threads this has, it's clearly an issue for many people. I'm not sure why you're following a topic that doesn't concern you. 


It's pretty immature to be posting here that everyone's complaints are invalid just because it doesn't personally affect you.


Level 3

@OutSideTheBox you are completely clueless in every possible way. Your comment is so far off base it’s ridiculous. Much like @JDsantos stated I don’t want family pictures or work files from one place showing up when I login. Perhaps you are a perv with your mind the gutter but the rest of us are actually trying to solve a legit issue. Get your f@!?ing mind out of the gutter. Get a clue. 

Level 3

Outside the Box is another example of persons that blindly follows a company or person and is, for some reason, personally offended when someone points out its fallacy.  Somehow he/she is quasi-representing DB and given a Level 6 standing. Amazing!  Others have made the same rebuttals to his comments and similar "It aint broke" comments, both before and after his childish outlash. There are thousands of scenarios where a user does have confidential, and yes, sometimes, explicit photographs on their computer (ask any photographer, lawyer, doctor, lover, horny teen, etc.) that need to be stored and/or transferred to one particular someone only, and that is/was the promise of DB: your files are safe and won't be seen by others. The best part of Outside's comment is that he/she points out he/she will not receive any feedback comments on the post: that behavior is of a 9 year old that covers their ears, closes their eyes and chants "La-La-La-La-La" when a parent tries to tell them about the birds and the bees.  Keep that narrow and superior mindset Outside, I'm sure it has suited you well in life.

Level 6

62,096 Views, 308 Comments and 408 Votes.  Sounds like a consensice not the "time to lock up this discussion" as @OutSideTheBox suggests.  Truth is, DB is using our "recent activity" to share with 3rd parties and grow their business. And here is the unbelievable part of it, we pay them to do so.