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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

I want to clear all the Recent file list, there has no clear function please advise how to clear the list.
Thanks & regards

Swe Tin

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Perhaps what we need to do is to draw attention to this post from "popular" technology related sites (Engadget, CNET, PCMag, LifeHacker, etc.) and if any of them dare to publish something about it, we might get the attention from Dropbox (to prevent the bad publicity).

I'm a software developer myself and most of my friends are also developers from Mobile to PC to Web and even though I know things take time, such a basic feature would never take so long. Specially with so many people requesting it!

I appreciate your attention but, it's been months since I bought my premium account and, from the first time I used the iOS app I noticed this issue and I haven't uploaded anything else to Dropbox, yet I'm still paying (Silly me!).

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It isn't so much the mobile product that was my issue, it was the "Recently Changed" popup from the tray on the desktop which revealed the photo of my recently purchased engagement ring to my then-to-be fiance.

I would like an option in preferences to say "Show recently changed" Yes / No.

And on mobile, an option either to "clear recents list" or better still, turn the damn thing off completely.

If it's not possible to turn it off (I can't see why, but still) then at least have a folder which can be marked as "confidential" or something, so that it never displays in either recently changed or recents, but this seems more difficult to implement than a "turn it off" option to be honest.

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While I appreciate everyones thoughts and opinions on this issue, I would like to point out to all of the people saying "just get rid of the recents option all together - please realize that you may not like or want the feature, there are many users out there who do like it! So in your frustration, please remember to be mindful of other users and take their wants and likes with the feature into consideration. That said, out of mutual respect, please don't send dropbox requests to just get rid of it entirely! Request that the feature be able to be turned off/on at each individual users request. When you say things like "just get rid of it", you are attempting to speak for everyone else and that's not only unfair of you, it's disrepectful and selfish!
Please and Thank You!
Have a blessed day!

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There are plenty of suggestions to make it configurable or a turn on/turn off feature, however you chose to use the "get rid of it" comments to criticize peoples opinions. If somebody has that opinion it is their right to say so.

We do not need behavior preaching in forums or blessing my day.

If you want to say instead that it seems as if dropbox is not addressing this issue you would be one more vote in favor of a change.

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I just came across this "recents" problem. I consider it a major problem that should have been eliminated years ago. The sheer lack of foresight is rather appalling given the nature of security concerns on the internet. If you design for cloud service, then such user interface problems ought be taken into consideration before roll out. I'd love to hear why someone thought having "recents" was a good idea.  

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Appalling this thread has gone on this long, utterly appalling, and for such a simple fix. Just add a 'clear recents history', how hard can it be? As a business, you MUST learn to listen to your customers Dropbox. But too late for most of us, GOODBYE DROPBOX :-(

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I love Dropbox but this still being an issue is absurd.  Just give users a little toggle to enable/disable the Recents view.  It can default to enabled for new users if it's valuable to you for whatever reason.  You're not the only game in town anymore for my subscription.

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I think I figured it out. I signed into google on my cell phone. then I went to the recent photos I took and deleted them. Then I checked the messages app on my phone. In the recent file it showed the photos were gone but they still showed up in the messages attachments. I then opened the messages attachments and clicked on the photo that I wanted to delete. It showed up in the text as an attachment. I then deleted the text and went back to the recent photos and the photo was gone. I did that for another photo and it worked. I hope this helps.   P.S. I not an expert or close. Just fumbling around.

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Sorry, either what you are reporting is not clear or does not belong into this thread.

We are talking about dropbox ignoring customer wishes to make displaying recent files

option configurable.

Nothing has to be deleted for this to happen.

They made all kinds of changes (for example touch id recognition) and can't add a toggle within a year?


Weak drop box.

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Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that comment made no sense.