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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

I want to clear all the Recent file list, there has no clear function please advise how to clear the list.
Thanks & regards

Swe Tin

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This should be evidence enough proof as to why ON/OFF is needed. Still looking for a PRIVATE way to upload and manage MY media. It's sad that DropBox doesn't get it. Are they holding out for more money - borderline extortion if we don’t want OUR private data shared.  WOW!

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Stephanie thank you for responding - takes guts with this crowd. slightly smiling face Seriously, with all do respect, it can appear to some, that product managers - DropBox, has spent little time using their product in a practical sence.  Not everyone uses the same computer and browser to display, show and edit their content. Hence, the need for a drop box.  Please correct me if I am wrong, what you are saying is if we use the same computer and browser with same history and cookies to access the DropBox it will reopen the app back to the same page we left off? Sorry, don't want that feature either. Please, allow us to control the content of OUR drop box. I for one, am looking for a service that will. I cannot believe, especially after reading this thread, that I am the minority opinion on this, “feature?”.

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Yes, I believe this is an necessary feature (being able to CLEAR THE RECENTS TAB) and I'm surprised Dropbox has not delivered this. Please make this a priority in a future releases.
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This is privacy 101 stuff. Hard to believe that "recents" are viewable after deleting them and emptying the trash.

As a paying Dropbox user and fan of the product, I find this unacceptable. This should be a first priority update. Thank you.



 This works on my iPhone 5c


1. Select file you want removed from recent list.

2. Make available offline.

3. Go back to recents

4. select offline on bottom of iPhone

5. select file in offline list

6. Remove from device.

7. go back to recents and you will see it is gone.


You will also want to go to DropBox.Com with your browser and delete the recents on their website a file at a time.

Level 4

Recent file "overview" list  is just piling up, makes no sense, and privacy is big time busted.

Of course it should be possible to clear history, or at least you should be given the choice to select somethings like "show no recent list" , "today's history list", "one week.." .. "Month..." "Indefinite.." 

DB, why are you holding back an update on this issue..??

See the solution above CPH...
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Thanks outsidethebox,

I read your surgestion and i have no doubt it works fine, but it is a timeconsuming way of solving an issue that should be easy to solve for DB. Yesterday I added some 50 dokuments.. I cant spend my time deleting each and every one like you describe..


Yes I get that and I think it only works if you also deleted the document/photo from dropbox.

Level 6
Howwwwwwww is this still ignored???????
Why, Dropbox?? Why???