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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

I want to clear all the Recent file list, there has no clear function please advise how to clear the list.
Thanks & regards

Swe Tin

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Can we get OP to edit his original post?? Put that in BIG LETTERS so ANY ONE coming here expecting Dropbox to give a squat about its customers can simply just stop wasting their time, and find a competitor to go with. In fact, can we just point them to the "Who the best competitor to switch to" thread? I'll go create one...


If this isn't an official Dropbox forum, that should be no problem right?

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I posted a request to revoke rights from these so called super users so the interfering stops and dropbox has to make a start with listening.

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Moving my service to box. My company is also looking to sign up 70 users to box, as well as us becoming a reseller due to the fact Dropbox don't care.

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Hey, I just noticed. Dropbox opens to Files view now. I've tried a few times. No longer defaults to Recents. I guess they listened!
Thanks guys.

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Main problem is to clear the recent file list, not the default view. Even they change the default view still not able to clear the recently view file list. What we are requesting is similar to clear recycle bin or clear the history.

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I'm adding my .02 .... This feature is a horrible decision for me. I've been a dropbox user for almost 10 years. Yesterday I had a choice to make Google Drive or Dropbox Pro. You guys just made that decision simple and easy. 

I understand the decision to try this and maybe I understand the decision to implement it. BUT when you have user after user giving the very clear reasons why we dont like this, why stay with it ?? Is it worth your reputation ? Is it worth all the hard work you put into being a pioneer in the consumer cloud storage space ? 

It's time to let go of the egos and listen to your users, before you lose more. 

- Martin

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Yes,  it appears that default behavior is changed.   Now opening Dropbox puts you in the file view last used,  which will naturally be FILES for serious users. And you can still use RECENTS in those rare events you ever need to. 

Thanks Dropbox 

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Thanks? No Sir. The issue is not the initial default view. It is the view itself and not being able to clear it or disable it.

To me this is just the development team staying to costumers, let us tell you what you want, We want you to like what is the easiest thing for us to implement. Now shhh ...

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Plus, I don't know how the "default behaviour" has changed, I open my android and by default it's always go to the recent. I have the most up to date version and I waited a few days to make sure not update was coming.


Nop, nothing changed, if I worked a sensitive document recently, people with visual access to my screen when I open my dropbox app will see it.


it's been how long now, 6 month this issue... let's see how much longer will it take...

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I've not posted here before. I found this forum from Google while looking for how to clear the results or remove sensitive files from it. To find out Dropbox has registered this issue twelve months ago and failed to listen to their customers is quite disappointing. I'm a pro user but I am now going to move my custom elsewhere.

 It's sad but having now witnessed that Dropbox doesn't care about the rest of you and is quite happy to ignore your comments for over a year, I doubt they will care another Pro user just left.