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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

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How to Clear or Remove the Recent file list in mobile apps

I want to clear all the Recent file list, there has no clear function please advise how to clear the list.
Thanks & regards

Swe Tin

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Wow, what a thread.  I am a first time poster to this thread.  The new default of taking me to the "Recent files" tab by default has been a real pain and I was Googling how to set the preferences to be the way it used to be.  I am amazed that Dropbox has such a resistance to providing an option to keeping the previous (more natural) way of accessing files.

If it helps the Product folks at Dropbox, this is all about too many clicks to reach my files.  Yes, I saw the work-around to create a shortcut, but I don't need more icons on my screens to restore previous functionality.  

I have been a long time Dropbox user, but recently Google Drive has been easier and easier for me to use and I find myself migrating that direction.  Being an early supporter of Dropbox, I find that kinda sad.

I am not angry - Dropbox needs to do what they think is best for their product.  However, while this may seem like a small feature change, it really is something that is another pain point that pushes me toward other solutions.  Just another data point for the Product folks to consider.

Best of luck.


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Dear Dropbox: I think it's time for another update to this thread. Please just post and let us know you're still listening, considering, or possibly even working on a way to deal with this. I can't imagine your'e not looking. 


Hi all and thanks again for your input and patience in this matter.

Tom posted something interesting a few days ago:

Yes, it appears that default behavior is changed. Now opening Dropbox puts you in the file view last used, which will naturally be FILES for serious users. And you can still use RECENTS in those rare events you ever need to. 

The behavior that Tom is seeing isn't rolled out for all users yet. But it is coming, please bear with us while we're going through this phased rollout. The new behavior will allow you to open the app back on the tab where you left it. This means that if you close the app on the files tab, it'll also open on the files tab. The app will remember this as long as you don't wipe its settings (e.g. upon reinstall or clearing the app's cache). 

We hope that this will help to address some of the concerns. In the meantime, we'll continue to iterate on Recents and think about other options that were mentioned in this thread previously including clearing the Recents page or hiding certain file types (e.g. photos). Once we decide which way we'll go, we'll let you know slightly smiling face

My concern is not only with the issue, my concern is how the developers of the Dropbox could not foresee the issue thousand of people are crying for. There is no explanation for this point so far.
Please take this sarcasm :may we raise fund to hire better employees /developers who would be able to see the product from the users' point of view. - Dr Pancholi,MD(Ayurved) ,PhD, MBA(HospMgmt), India.

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The new functionality sounds pretty promising and I look forward to trying it out.  It isn't easy to determine the functionality that will make the most people happy.  Thanks to you and your team for listening and doing your best to incorporate the suggestions that you are receiving from multiple channels.

Can you clarify that the "file view last used" functionality will be available on the Android client?

Actually, never mind.  I just tested it on my Galaxy S5 and it appears that if the "Files" tab was the last used, then the "Files" tab is the new default.

Great work.  This solves my problem.  It also retains the "Recents" tab functionality for those that prefer.

Thanks again.  Apparently your team is working late into the night to help.  I notice that your last post was early in the morning.  :^)

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I have files that I have stored in a private password protected folder appearing on my recent list. This is a massive security flaw.
Please fix ASAP, never had a problem with Dropbox until this. Going to have to delete my files and account if not resolved soon


Hi Craig,

Thanks for voicing your concerns. Please note though that there are no password protected folders in Dropbox. Currently, the Recents tab will show your activity across your whole Dropbox. You can find more info here:

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

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Hola primero que todo, me encanta dropbox, es lo mejor!
Me gusta la app es muy buena

Sólo tengo 2 quejas
A la hora de abrir la aplicación me manda a "Recientes" no me gusta me gustaría desactivarlo

Y segunda, activando la opción de pedir código a la hora de entrar a la aplicación a la hora que doyy al botón de Aplicaciones Recientes, aparece lo que estoy viendo (aún teniendo mi cuenta con el código de acceso y la huella digital) me gustaría que no se viera nada hasta acceder a la aplicación eso pasaba en el galaxy s6 pero no en el galaxy s7.


Hi first of all, i love dropbox, it's the best!
I like the app it's pretty good

I just have 2 complains

When oppening the app it directly goes to "Recents" i don't like it, i would like to deactivate that feature

And second: I've configured my cellphone to ask the code to ented the and when i press the Recent Apps button I can see what im doing in the app, eg. i have a puppy photo open when i press the button i can see that, that didn't happened in Galaxy s6, i would like to see a blank window or something on my S7.


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I also have been annoyed that Android opens on Recents. I don't care for that.

I also use Microsoft OneDrive who is now reducing the space people have. I had thought about upgrading my Dropbox membership to cover that, but in light of the poor responsiveness, I think I'll go somewhere else I've seen people mention Box so let me find out what that is.

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Recent posters,

  I too was annoyed that every time I opened Dropbox, I got the "Recent" tab.  However, see Sofia's post two days ago (22 June 2016).  They are rolling out a change that takes you to your last tab, not the Recent tab.  I can confirm that this works perfectly on my new Galaxy S7 Edge.


  Good work, Dropbox team.  Thanks for listening!