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I hate the new default view "home" in Dropbox

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I hate the new default view "home" in Dropbox

Since you changed the default view to "home" instead of "files" I am constantly having to click to see all my files. This is not an improvement in my view. At least let me set the default view for my account. If this is an available option, I haven't found it.


And turn off the automatic email notification "someone has logged into your dropbox - blah blah" When I click through the email link to tell you it's me, stop sending email notifications after that. 


Thanks A

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Redo your home page. Weird way of organizing my files and folders. When I open Dropbox I should see my folders then files and when I click on a folder it should then show sub-folders and files. What you have now is an illogical mess.
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staynavytom wrote:
When I open Dropbox I should see my folders then files and when I click on a folder it should then show sub-folders and files.

That's exactly how it's displayed for me; folders above files. If it's displaying differently for you, then you've likely changed the sorting behavior. Click the column headers at the top of the file list.


If you're referring to the mobile app, then you can change it between list view, which shows files and folders intermixed, or content view, which shows folders above files.

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When I open dropbox on the home page, I get recent uploads and recently viewed files, then in chronological order all the rest of my files with occational folders mixed in.

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Also, when I go to the file view, all the files that aren't in folders and all the folders are arrange alphabetically starting with A or Z.  I cannot find a way to view just folders above files like I did under dropbox basic.

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Have to agree new Home page is not helpful.  I am jumping directly to the files view since that is much more useful to me.  The "star" function might be useful if I routinely worked int a very discrete subset of files, but so far I do not find it very helpful in terms of speeding my work.

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Have to agree on 'Home' unfortunately. 


A work around is to log on at which skips that page (I've just updated bookmarks etc.). 


In terms of the email notifications - you can turn them off at under the notifications tab. 

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Agreed. How do I get rid of the home page?

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Seriously - is there a way to switch my preferences so I NEVER have to see the 'Home' page again? Completely useless.

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Agreed- Home stinks. Plus it shows things I prefer not to be displayed when I fire up Dropbox in front of another user, (file history, nested folders, etc). If there's a way to disable 'Home' I'd be appreciative. I prefer just root level folder structure as in
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The new HOME start window is absolutely hopeless.   What on earth have you done?  Cant believe how thoughtless this development is.  And you cant by-pass it ... you've tried to be too clever by half and it has done you no favours.  Please introduce an option where one can delete it. 


Busy working people need access to their files.  And if you want to use your brain power to some good then make it easier to manage the information we already have stored. 


For example - Being able to delete duplictes in photos where you synched incorrectly.  Easily.


Latest developments make me inclined to stop my professional subscription altogether.  Using dropbox is becoming too much like hard work.  I'd rather use external hard drives to save my information.


And there are so many other opportunities now to work it better.


You've lost the plot.