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Improving Screenshots

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Improving Screenshots

I've been using puush for automatically uploading and sharing screenshots. I was happy to see dropbox provided a similar service, but there are two major issues that caused me to go back to puush: 

  1. Loading the entire dropbox web interface to display a screenshot to someone is cumbersome and takes significantly longer to load. All I want the recipient to see is the image. I looked for a way to change this behavior but could not find any. 

  2. The URLs need to be shortened to keep it professional. The typical length of a puush URL:

    The typical length of the DB URL:


Super User II

1) Change the ?dl=0 at the end of the link to ?raw=1. See here:



2) Dropbox used to have shortened links but has been removing them from all parts of the service over the last few years. There were complaints that they looked spammy, and they were often subject to much abuse. I wouldn't expect to see them return. You can easily pass your Dropbox links through a link shortening service such as or

Level 3

Thanks for the reply Rich. That's unfortunate about the shortened URLs, but I can understand why they removed them. I've been using the ?raw=1 trick since you mentioned it and it works great. It would be nice if I could set the default behavior for screenshots instead of switching it every time, but it is still better than going back to puush.