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Installation files on a different drive 2019

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I need to install dropbox on my secondary harddisk (No. it is not external). How do I bypass your super smooth "You can only install this program on the C drive?"

This question was up and running 2017 when you said "I understand that you'd like to avoid installing Dropbox on your C:\ drive altogether, so I'll make sure to pass your comments along to the team. " - nothing happend.
Community Moderator @ Dropbox

As a sidenote I have already changed the defeault installation path on windows in regedit


Dropbox didn't care.

No. I do not need to move the folder. I need to make sure the .exe and all the installation files does not enter my C:\ Drive.

Thanks in advance


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Hey there @Animale - welcome to our Community and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

As this is not possible at the moment, I'll log this as a feature request. I can't promise if or when this is going to happen though. 

In any case, note that I moved your post under the 'Share an Idea' section of our Community so other users can find and upvote it too (or even share their own thoughts and suggestions). 

Our desktop app's dev team are always looking for user input when creating the next version of the Dropbox app so I will make sure your comments are passed along.

Let me know if you have any more feedback or any question I can help with Kryger; I'll be more than happy to follow up.