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Lack of ways to sort photos in an album

120 Votes
Level 1

I really like the ease of creating a photo album and the way photos are displayed. But once you create an album, making changes is extremely difficult or almost impossible. For example, if you edit one of the photos, it automatically gets moved to the end of the album because Dropbox thinks it's a new photo. The option to sort the photos does not exist. Dropbox automatically puts them in chronological order by date created. That's it. It really sucks.

fulano m.
Level 1

I agree. It's an important limitation, you can't sort the photos in the album even by name. What a pity !

Dave B.8
Level 1

Same here. I have a photo album that I need to have in a specific order. It's really such a basic thing I'm really surprised that it's not there. You Dropbox guys/gals working on this or no?

Eric U.2
Level 1

Yes, I even can't imagine how this feature could have been forgotten... The album just messes up the order, it even doesn't respect the file name order that we have in the original folder. Just unbelievable...
Using the new app Carousel does not help either. Besides Carousel still has more bugs like wrong dates... :-/ I have photos taken the 28th February 2015 which displayed date is 09th January 1839 ! ^^

Lady F
Level 1

+1 !!!!!
It's unbelievable. How come users can't organize photos? In my case sharing a photo album means telling a story. I need to have my photo albums sorted in alphabetical (= chronological) order. I'm afraid I won't be using Carousel until this isn't sorted out.

p. easygoing
Level 1

Yes! It's very inconvenient if sorting is not available when creating album. After trying to create some albums, I just give up because they look like a mess.

Fred G.9
Level 1

Really need this feature!

Jessie a.
Level 1

I could not agree more!!

Timothy H.12
Level 1

DITTO very frustrating and it has to be an easy fix for Dropbox

David A.10
Level 1

I COMPLETELY CONCUR. why would they think adding a sorting feature isn't necessary?

Aaron L.5
Level 1

+1 me too