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Linux support for multiple accounts.

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Linux support for multiple accounts.

Hey guys.  I'm sorry to start a new post, but I didn't see any that addressed my question.

I have two DB accounts (personal and work) and the work account is DB for business.  I see here ( that the Linux client does not support multiple accounts.

Is there a plan to add support for multiple accounts for the Linux client?

I love DB and have used it for some time, but this could be a deal breaker for me as I only run Linux on all my computers.

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Also interested in the status of Linux and multiple dropbox accounts, business and personal. 

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This is unfortunate, yet. I too use linux on all my work and home computer and supposedly can't use both personal and work account. It shouldn't be a rocket science to support linux.

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Bumping thanks to just running into the "work" account thing one of my recent Dropbox installs recently presented. I'll be honest, I didn't know​ this was a feature I needed and I'm not fully convinced now - I've used my personal account for work features from hosting files to sharing folders for collaborative projects and haven't really ever run into any problems just keeping separate folders for things, and my work life has always been BYOD contact work. But I've always been impressed with Dropbox on Linux keeping feature parity with other platforms (even supporting CLI interaction for headless applications) while things like Google Drive don't even offer a first party desktop client beyond an FTP address.


So, sounding off to say I hope this is being looked at, because the broad cross platform support is one of the things that really impresses me about the service. 


Sorry for the possibly needless necro. Sort of a quiet vent, I guess. = /

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+1. My employer has vetted DropBox for Business and OneDrive, and I can't use either on my machine.

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+1.  I'm forced to running a dropbox account only from the browser. It's quite frustrating.


Please take this into consideration

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+1. I use Linux both at work and at home. I will not use my work account until this issue is fixed.

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+1. Desperately needing for us linux folk that use dropbox both for work and personal.

+1 would be very helpful, thanks for your work

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Just got a Business account sorted today and split the accounts rather than merged (I had some personal stuff in a private folder) but mainly use Dropbox to make a password databases (personal and business) available on all my devices.


I use Windows 8.1 and Android Tablet at work

At home I have an Android phone, Ubuntu Laptop


I was impressed with the way things panned out on Windows but am disappointed that I can't have both folders/accounts on Ubuntu. 

Please fix slightly smiling face

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I would also be happy to have both my personal and work accounts linked on my GNU/Linux machine.


Btw. I'm happy that Dropbox supports GNU/Linux, thank you for your work!