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Listen to music via dropbox

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I placed my music in dropbox. If I want to listen directly using dropbox, I can listen only to one song at a time I had to select an other song in a folder to listen again. Is there a possibility to listen to more songs or a complete CD?

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RoVlad New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2
so well put man! I feel exactly the same
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A bit late to the conversation here but wanted to let the community know that I have solved the streaming problem for music on Dropbox. 

[link to external website removed according to our Community Guidelines]. has been relaunched with the new(ish) Dropbox 2.0 API and features the ability to create playlists, save playlists (back to dropbox) and load them across devices. You can listen to all of your music stored in Dropbox in your own custom playlists - on your phone or on your PC/Laptop. 

We are open to your feature suggestions and the service is free. 

And no need to download an app - just  use Chrome - the UX is responsive.

Happy Streaming!

Skirby New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I downloaded CloudBeats from the iPhone App Store and it works well. 

It allows you to login to your iPhone Dropbox App and see folders and songs to add to CloudBeats.  Songs go to the Cloud, so don't require storage on your phone, but you do need an internet connection to play them.

The FREE CloudBeats version allows only 20 files (songs) per folder. Then it operates as a real media player: playlist, skip songs, scan ahead in a song, repeat, etc.

To remove 20 file/song limitation you need PRO version for $4.99.

Am happy with this solution!

tvc1881 New member | Level 2
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Just hold down on the audio file and release. It will reappear with an icon play button. Press play and you be rockin' and did I mention rollin?

Matt H.37 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I'd like to see this feature too please Dropbox

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I really support this feature! Also, if there was some sort of Built-In Media Player wich plays video files (such as movies, tv shows, etc...) with support for subtitles, it would be amazing! 

I think the streaming feature (Built-In Media Player) on Dropbox would make such a possitive impact on the platform. 

Hopefully, they will listen to this requests and do something.

vladz New member | Level 2
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I would absolutely love to see a music player feature as well. More than half the files I store in Dropbox are music, and I have to rely on other apps to play them.

charliesaini New member | Level 2
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so, no player worth a **bleep** from dropbox... even though they should have money from their hefty storage fees and the shriveled R&D budget...  i mean, watt in Good God's Earth is the point for that Home tab, other then to make it harder for newbies to find their files.. It's as annoying as Quick Acces on W10.. useless...  if you have folders/files in dropbox or in Windows that are frequently opened, the user can quickly scroll to it, out of habit or use the Search...  there was no need to clutter up the tree by putting "home" as the first tab..  beginers don't know why most of their files are not showing from Home, by then, they are too flustered to hit the 2nd Tab; File.. i've seen it over and over at the office, and if i'm stoned enough, i'm catch myself going "where r my GD files..  oh..  yea..  not at Home... stupid Dropbox improvement.. and are you offering encryption yet?  can you get with VLC and make something happen, we want to play song after song..   Charge us for it, i mean, that's the way of it's done, no?  This should have been obvious to you guys..  we store all our effffn musix on here.. a player(VLC!) should integrate online or inbeded in DB soon..  or i'm taking my **bleep** elsewhere.. good nite and a better tomorrow...  ps.  Keep Up the Good Work..  i don't feel i've touched on the positives enough but give yourselves a big pat on the back for me..  all you underpaid, understimulated and underestimated soldiers that keep our files where we need them..  Have a Blessed day

slow uploads/downloads since day 1

essa1- New member | Level 2
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Thank you 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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It just doesn't make sense for google to produce dropbox and want people to go beyound the free service and not make a simple music play list music player available.

To some this is a very good reason not to pay for a service that does't seem to have the users as the number one priority. Make the sevice useable in evey way and continue to make it user frendly and the customer base will grow.

Now it seems like you are limiting what you want the service to do and don't care what the users want. Not good business.