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Listen to music via dropbox

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I placed my music in dropbox. If I want to listen directly using dropbox, I can listen only to one song at a time I had to select an other song in a folder to listen again. Is there a possibility to listen to more songs or a complete CD?

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Hi Greg, 

There is another cloud storage solution that is very similar to Dropbox, but it's a much smaller company - pCloud. But this hasn't stopped them to add a music player to their app. Both for mobile and desktop. It's very cool! I really wish Dropbox had been progressive like that. 

The ONLY reason I finally chose Dropbox is because the pCloud music feature is bad at reading the metadata of the files. So Cloudplayer + Dropbox works better in that regard. If pCloud would've made the music player better, I'd switch to them instantly. 

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@gstout wrote:

This is a terrible response.

People, many, are using dropbox to listen to music. It's a far better solution that iTunes. This dismissive response shows a lack of fundamental marketing intelligence.

  • Your customers want playlists and have been asking for years.
  • They ARE using your app to listen to music. You can pretend or insist they are not, but they are.
    (My primary reason for getting a paid account was that my LARGE music files made me grow beyond the basic account size. Had I not used you for music and audio I'd still be a free user.)
  • There are other (bad) solutions on the web to create playlists for dropbox because you have refused to.

Why not embrace your customer feedback and make ANY solution to handle this.

It could be as simple as allowing users to make a text file with a specific extension that listed the files names they want in a list.

Or if you are feeling fancy, add an option under the multiple file select menu that said: "Play all" and supported a swipe right and left while playing to skip forward and back.




I totally agree with Greg. Your reply IS ABSOLUTELY UNEXEPTABLE. please refer us to a solution or recommended app.

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Dear Jane,

Your response is dated May and I am still waiting for some sort of constructive response (it is now September.)

Please inform us of the progress being made by the Dropbox team on this issue.

Thank you

16 giga


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For those that are still interested, I found an iPhone app that I'm using to listen to music with dropbox.

I tried a bunch of them and they were all fairly poor and then I found one that was not bad. It's called MusiCloud

It does everything that I had wished dropbox would do. It lets you make playlists, jump to the previous and next song, store a selection of songs locally so you're not killing your bandwidth. It even attempts to match up your songs with album art from online. It has not ever gotten the correct art for my albums but I almost find it extremely endearing the completely wrong selections that it makes.

Is it perfect, no. Is it free, yes, but the free version had a lot of intrusive ads that irritated me so I paid the 1.99 for the Pro version.

I have no connection to this piece of software and I get no benefit from this post. I simply want to say that there is a solution that will let you listen to music from dropbox and gives you exactly the sort of functionality that dropbox should be providing its users by default.

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Greg makes a completely rational point. I would love to read your answers to his questions? I've privately emailed you guys regarding this exact issue. I'm sure that sooner or later someone will develop exactly what we (paying customers) are desiring. And if Dropbox waits too long, it may be another company. To me that seems downright silly to not listen to your paying customers.
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I use this app as well however the exporting of files from DB to Music Cloud is a little tedious. It would be so much better if DB would allow us to play music in our folders with the next file playing automatically after one file ends.
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Jane, has any improvement been made for playing music in Dropbox?
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Yeah Dropbox. Please let us know where you stand on this.  Thanks.

Hey all, I’m just following-up here on your feature request to confirm that I’ve made sure to transfer your interest along to the development team, as I understand that the popularity has been on the rise. 
You may keep in mind that user feedback is actively tracked by the relevant specialist teams, though I can’t provide any insight into future feature implementations. What I can assure you of at the moment though, is that (luckily) the Forum allows for the transparency & visibility of requests, therefore your voices aren’t echoing in void. 
Again, I appreciate all your comments & feedback on the Community and I’m here if you’d need to share your thoughts! 
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Does anybody know if there is an app for Kubuntu (or Ubuntu) that allows playlists using music from the dropbox cloud? I saw something about Clementine, but wondering if there are other options (would love KDE/QT based solution, although GTK would be OK)

Thanks, jetpeach