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Lock folders in position so an editing user cannot move that specific folder

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Is there a way to prevent users from moving a specific folder, or lock a folder in its current position? The user should still be able to edit its contents though.

Or, prevent a user from being able to delete a specific folder while still being able to edit its contents.

MissT5 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I was just looking to see if this was possible...have had a few instances over the past month alone where entire folders with a LOT of contents were 'accidently' moved elsewhere and then when moved back EVERYTHING had to reload/sync back in place for each member using the folders, which takes a very long time and is a huge hassle when trying to get proofs across to each other in a hurry...we ended up having to just email each proof etc. Yesterday it happened on print day 2 hours before deadline which just caused a whole lot of chaos, especially when some of the team members computers take half a day to re-sync!  
Sorry, long blurb...but thanks for posting this so hopefully this may become an option!


Hello @marauder28!

Thanks for joining our Community!

I understand you would like to have additional settings to prevent the movement of folders from members without removing their permissions to edit. This option is not available at the time. But it is a very good feature request and I will report it! dividers

I would like to point out that moving shared folders only reflects for the user moving them when sharing is not in a team folder. The other members of the folder would still see the shared folder in the original location. This gives everyone the ability to organise their content as they wish. 

Moving folders in a Team folder, allows the members of the team folder to see the movement, if the destination location of the directory is also inside the Team space. 

Note: Only the Admin can move a folder, completely out of a Team space. 

Finally, as described by @MissT5, when someone moves a folder, the system takes time to transfer all the files to the new filepath you chose. If you move it back or elsewhere the system would again take time to sync the changes. Arrows Counter Clock

Again thank you for the feature request! nerd face


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Hello and thank you for the clarifications. We are enterprise users who use Team spaces extensively to collaborate. So, a feature like this is very, very, very important.

We recently had an incident where a user inadvertantly moved a large folder containing lots of large subfolders on his dropbox mobile app at the end of the day and left on vacation.

Other users still working started to see files and folders go missing. Some users saw partial syncs of the move in another folder and started moving things around to try and fix it. It became a mess and we needed to get the Restoration team involved. This took an entire weekend and a few days to get resolved.

And as you mentioned to @MissT5, it takes time for the system to sync the changes. That's a huge waste of time, which is why this feature is so badly needed. 


Thank you for sharing more reasons for this feature request to be upvoted @marauder28chart with upwards trend

We appreciate your time. 

I completely understand that this accidental syncing was not pleasant and didn't help the workflow. Please keep in mind that a movement of a folder in Dropbox (mobile, desktop and the web) takes a few steps to be completed.  Selection of the folder, selection of the action, selection of the location and confirmation to move. This is to make it harder for the movements to be accidental. 

Realistically, a cloud service must sync to have the changes updated live. Syncing speeds are related to several factors and large amounts of files can take some time to sync. Syncing will always be a process when using cloud services but the feature requested could be an extra safety guard for such incidents. 

We are doing our best to improve and your feedback will always be reviewed. 

Thank you for choosing to work with Dropbox and took the time to post about this!