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Make file prefixing an option (file request)

New member | Level 2

Files uploaded via file request prefix each file with the name of the uploader.

In the case of organization that depends on strict naming convention, this is not desirable.

We'd like this prefixing to be an option.

Current Status: New

Hey @daslolo, File Request recipients can either choose to submit the requested content while they’re signed in (i.e. where their name will be assigned to the upload) or even directly from their device (i.e. even if they don’t have an account), where they’d have to fill in this info manually if they’re not logged in. In other words, you can advise colleagues to sign out if you’d like to bypass the naming convention. 
Please let me know how you get on with my suggestions here & once you get back in touch with me, we can discuss it in more detail. Until we talk again, have a wonderful rest of your day! 
SKDR New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

So, it means there is no way we can choose it, at our end.
In that case, its not satisfactory for me.
Atlease, while making file request, we should have a reminder to ask our sender what we desire.