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Make phone calls - "Click-to-Call" links

Helpful | Level 6

I would like to format a link within a Paper Document so that when I press on it using my smartphone, it dials a certain phone number.   

An example would be:

Click here to call customer support

when my users then touch on that bold text on their smartphone, that triggers an action that dials their phone according to a number that is stored beind the bold text like how it works using this form of an anchor tag:

<a href="tel:18475555555">Click Here To Call Support 1-847-555-5555</a>

which tag looks like this to the user:

Click Here to Call on a Smartphone

Does anyone know if this is possible in Paper?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi there, currently this isn’t possible as only normal http and ftp links would work from Paper.
I could forward this as a suggestion to our dev team for their consideration in future!
Helpful | Level 6

Thanks for the response Jay.  I appreciate it.  Yeah, I think it's a good idea--possibly for some future development cycle.  In the meantime, I am exploring a workaround...possibly using Apple's relatively new "Shortcut" app to handle it.  So far, I don't have that working...but I'm optimistic.