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Multiple email addresses linked to account

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Level 1

It's totally normal for people to have more than one email address. So why can there not be more than one email address linked to a dropbox account?

Anthony M.1
Level 1

Over time I have been invited to various shared folders to two separate email addresses. is it possible to merge my account such that if I am invited to a folder for email A or B it goes to the same account? I am currently balancing two accounts and it is a pain.

How do I do this?

Super User II

No it isnt. But, no matter what address the invite is sent to if you're logged in to a computer with Dropbox on and click on 'Accept' it will join on whichever account you're signed in on

Super User II

Pro users recently could do this but it was removed.

Free users, however, never have been able to

Voyages A. Level 2
Level 2

I have many email accounts and 1 paid dropbox account that I tie to my personal gmail account. When clients / business relations want to share something, they usually want to use my business email address. I find it unprofessional and not practical asking them to instead share the documents to my personal email address. Why can't I have at least 2 emails addresses on the same account ? This feature is really missing.

Level 1

I think this would be a really useful feature. I would say allowing any user to associate up to 5 emails addresses per account would help for many usage scenarios..

Nate P.3
Level 1

Yeah, I have multiple email addresses and this would save me a lot of headache. 

David H.178
Level 1

This should be a priority feature, as people have lots of different email adresses now-a-day.

David K.77
Level 1

I just utilized a different email address to share (first try) folder with members of my 'recorder society'. Everything went 'OK'. No, blue screens of death. So If I can do that what difference does multiple addresses listed in drop box matter?

Am I about to be shut down for unsportsmanlike behavior?

Andy VE Level 2
Level 2

My scenario: I set up my Dbox acct many years ago w/ my personal Gmail & have been Pro for 5 years. 3 years ago, I started at a small creative firm: we use Dbox all the time.

Most of the time, our firm is just sharing file download links w/ collaborators/clients; but sometimes we need to "share" a folder, that is when using my business email that clients already know would be easier & look more legit than having to tell them my personal email & question why a Gmail is attached to this work project.

Thank you in advance for addressing this! 

Anna V.6
Level 1

I have this same issue!  I have a Pro dropbox and have for years, but it is connected to my personal gmail address, and when other professional clients invite me to their dropbox accounts it  creates confusion b/c I need them to reshare w/ my personal account.  Please fix!!