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Hi there,


We share lots of files with clients. We're an animation studio in Western MA.  We love Dropbox. One of things that makes life harder is our clients not knowing when we've uplaoded the latest version of their shot. Especially, if the client doesn't have Dropbox and we're just sending them active links.


I know your dev team has tons of other **bleep** to do and this has been probably suggested before but it would be a nice feature to turn on. Like "Notify everyone shared on this folder when new files are uploaded". It would be great internally too. My team wouldn't need to ask me if something is done. They would just know. A more advanced feature would allow me to pick and choose the people but... I know there are limits.


Anyway, just a suggestion. The service is dope and we love using it but I'm temped to dev something on my own that does this and drop your service for something exclusive for our studio. Lots of time and energy would have to go into it but in the end, it would be worth it for this type of interactivity.


Thanks for reading my bull**bleep** first-world request,


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I'm in the same boat. I love DB, but am considering switching to a different service that offers notifications when new files are added to a shared folder. It's the difference between being able to just add files knowing the shared users will be automatically notified, and having to email everyone (100+) individually...big time difference.