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Only allow addition/view. Not edit/deletion.

Level 2

I have several computers with its own account that upload backup files daily. The problem is if someone is able to log into the computer and delete the files, it would be very troublesome. I know that dropbox has file recovery, but still it would be better if dropbox can give only view and add permission. Thanks.

Level 5

We're on the same boat. We have a business account and need to grant users Add and View access but not delete access, otherwise the potential for accidental deletes is huge.  Is there no way to do this yet???????????? This is very frustrating.

tspl Level 2
Level 2

I am also on the same boat, unfortunately. Is there any other alternative who would give such feature called EDIT but NOT DELETE ?

allfurfunnw Level 2
Level 2

I need the same persmissions. Add and view all. Let me know if you get a solution to this.