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Please add 2tb option!!!

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Please add 2tb option!!!

I cant reach a live person no matter how hard I try....So can I get an official dropbox support agent to please answer my question? here it is -


Is there ANY plans in the future to add a 2TB option? If so, when? 


I need more space asap. 1TB is all filled up. Im not a business and therefore dont need a business account at 75 dollars per month....Thats a waste of money for me. I dont have moneey to waste. As a regular everyday guy, I just need a 2tb upgrade option. Is this so hard to implement? Please advise.

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Dropbox do not release roadmaps I'm afraid. You won't get a live person unless you are a Business user. 

All you can do is post an email to

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Dropbox had a larger plan and discontinued it, so I wouldnt expect a 2TB plan any time soon.

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I also need more than 1tb. Let's see who is the first company who offers that

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I contacted dropbox support before making this post a wekk or so ago and have heard NOTHING back...

And as far as a different company offering 2GB storage, MEGA.NZ does! The problem I found with them is the payment options suck! The only 2 available is a bank transfer to their bank in GERMANY.....Or bitcoin. 

Both of those options suck....I emailed them and told them they need better payment options like support emailed this response to me - 


"Dear Joe, 

Thank you for your support and thank you for using MEGA!

PayPal has ceased processing MEGA customer payments effective immediately at the end of February 2015. MEGA is aware of a report published by NetNames (partially funded from the MPAA supported Digital Citizens Alliance) that incorrectly claims MEGA's business to not be a legitimate cloud storage service. MEGA is aware that Senator Leahy (Vermont, Chair Senate Judiciary Committee) then pressured Visa and MasterCard to cease providing payment services to the companies named in that report. Visa and MasterCard then pressured PayPal to cease providing payment services to MEGA.

Mega has published an independent report which refutes claims that the site is a piracy haven. The analysis, carried out by Olswang, an international law firm that previously worked with the UK government on copyright issues, concludes that claims in a 2014 NetNames report have “no factual basis whatsoever.” For all information please read here:"


Good ol' american government.....Pushing businesses around and trying to control everything....Upsetting to say the least,eh? But I digress...

I might go ahead do the bitcoin or transfer anyway though because I REALLY REALLY REALLY need more space. 1gb is not enough and I am not paying 75/month - I dont need 5 licenses, dropbox!!!!!!

Too bad...If anyone finds a different company that offers paypal as an option to buy a 2gb or 5gb space, please post it here so we can all see it! Or just msg me! :D

And for anyone wondering, is a great service. They give you 50gb for a free account! So, ya I may go over there, soon......Dropbox and others like googlesync, etc. - just do what they want cause their rich, they dont care about you and me.....Thats evident. Typical American company...GreedGreedGreed....


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Thanks for the info. I have been thinking also about Mega but the 2tb option is 199$/year. I think that's a bit expensive. I guess it's just a matter of time when all companyies will offer a 2tb option. But I have read really good reviews about Mega

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Apple iCloud just raised it to 2TB!



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I really like Dropbbox and have been loyal for years.  I need 2TB now and there is an icloud upgrade button at a reasonable price - albeit with fewer features - on my iphone....

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I've been paying for Pro since last year, and their service/infrastructure doesn't appear to be improving. Still waiting on their Project Infinite. Honestly, 1TB is not enough anymore... bring out the PB! I've been storing stuff on Mega just to make room in Dropbox.

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Dubs wrote:

Still waiting on their Project Infinite.

Keep in mind that Project Infinite is likely going to be a Business/Enterprise-only feature. It was announced on the Business blog; not the regular Dropbox blog (where global features are usually discussed).

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Very very need 2T for store data. My 1T is run out of data.