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Please, don't use this freaking weird captcha!

New member | Level 2


Your weird captcha with rolling animals really freaks me out. 

1) It's UNPRECISE. I think I've chosen a right angle, but in some cases captcha doesn't think so - and in some cases you can't roll it precisely to 0 deg, you have just, say, -5deg and +4deg as options

2) It's takes TOO MUCH time. Why should I do weird things with 3 animals, and only then know, that I've rotated wrong the first animal?

3) It's UNCONVENIENT to use. Could you, at least, add possibility to rotate with arrow keys?

As I think, it's completely idiotic and non-standard solution that misleads users.

PLEASE, remove that freaking captcha, or people will start hating you!

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Hey there @agufranov - thanks for the extensive feedback.

At first, note that CAPTCHA pages and other security features are in place to prevent abuse and protect our users and services. 

That being said, I understand how frustrating this can get sometimes as I recently stumbled upon a similar behavior when trying to log into my account. However, I think my browser was acting up as there was a pending update I had missed since those issues went away after I cleared my browser's cache and updating the browser itself.

Could you let me know which exact browser you use and if you've tried other ones? 

When you do try logging into your account through other browsers, do you notice the same behavior as you initially described? 

Last but not least, I'll also let the team know about your suggestion in regards to the possibility of rotating the shown animals with the arrow keys instead of clicking on them - thanks for the idea.  

Please let me know what you find and we'll take it from there. 

maxmix New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

or people will start hating you

We already started. Looks like a stupid joke, but I lost my sleep trying to solve the puzzle on my android phone tonight. Until I found this page I was sure, it's a kind of virus I encountered.

How can a simple task like signing in into  the account be complicated to such a degree!

phil31753 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Just move on there are many cloud storage solutions cheaper, better and more secure than dropbox (not withstanding their super secure 'rolling animal' captcha).

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