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Please keep RSS feeds

Helpful | Level 6

Dropbox decided to stop RSS feeds without checking with us, their customers first!  This is a very important feature for us, many many customers.  please reply to this thread, and let's let dropbox know how important RSS feeds are for all of us!



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Current Status: Not for right now

Explorer | Level 4

I don't really want to have an RSS feed, because I also have to go there on purpose to see what's new. In this case I could go to also.


I just want to get a message including the file name and maybe the folder in the Windows 10 info center. A click on the message should open the appropriate folder. Is that too difficult for Dropbox?

pieterbaasje New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

The Pix-star photoframe automatic update doesn't work any more from a dropbox account. Then when syncing with a manual command, it seems to often need to delete and reload everything, even if only a few changes were made. I suspect its because of the rss functionality removal. If so, please restore the functionality !

Avery F.
Explorer | Level 3
I have been using RSS feed notifications for work for the last 4 years. If they are depreciated I will have to leave Dropbox for another service. I am EXTREMELY disappointed Dropbox would even consider removing this feature.
Helpful | Level 6

Dropbox recently dropped support for OSX prior to Mavericks.  Once that happened, all my customers who still had RSS feeds coming out of their system immediately kicked out an error which we received in our office.  We began the process of upgrading their OSX to a more recent version.  These machines run for years with nobody touching them.  Without RSS feeds, we would have not known we were dropping backups.  RSS feeds is not about monitoring a single account.  It's about monitoring many accounts.  In our organizations case, we were recommending dropbox and monitoring many accounts.  I won't say how many, but it was wayyyy more than 10.  When RSS feeds were pulled, we immediately lost the ability to grow.  It hit us very hard and seriously crippled our organization.

Collaborator | Level 9

For anyone who still has their "legacy" RSS feed, I happened to look at the raw XML for it yesterday, and saw this pinned to the top:

"This feed is going away on Dec 14, 2018. You can still find the same information at ""

So, that would appear to be the real drop-dead date. Ironically, anyone going to wouldn't have the slightest idea that /events even exists, since the link for it in the UI is long gone.

Not that going to a Web page is any replacement for RSS. This is all a real shame and completely unnecessary.

Collaborator | Level 9

"This feed has been deprecated! You can still find the same information at"

Uh huh.

vnomik New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

PLEASE bring back the RSS feeds! slightly smiling face

Status changed to: Not for right now

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