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Please stop pestering me that my storage is almost full.

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Please stop pestering me that my storage is almost full.

I use dropbox regularly and am aware that I use the majority of my available storage. I'm frustrated with constant notifications to upgrade because my storage is almost full. Is there a way to turn off this annoying message?

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No, sorry.

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Agree. This is bothersome to the point of uninstall. Please consider fixing this UX. All I need is one notification that my storage is almost full. 

dgw Level 2
Level 2

Or, at the very least, we only need another notification that Dropbox is almost full if a significant amount of additional storage is consumed. Updating a configuration file or the like should not count (I store several apps' config directories full of text-based files in Dropbox for safe keeping).

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For me, such annoying behavior can really make the difference between prolonging my dropbox account or picking another provider. If i disable "comments, shares or mentions" notifications, is would at least expect not to be bothered *every* time i turn on one of my pc's.

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I'm on the verge of uninstalling Dropbox and moving all my files to Onedrive due to this one annoying thing.  I can't stand the notification every time I go onto any of my computers.

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I came here looking for a way to turn them off. I can't believe there isn't one. I'm only 92% full. It's taken me years and years and years to get that far, so I still have plenty of time before I'm completely full and don't need mulitple notifications a day reminding me.


I was considering upgrading my account anyway, but I can't stand the thought of being harassed into giving a company money. 

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Like many others I've suffered from the problem of being told that my dropbox is full. Having deleted over two thirds of my stuff, then permanently deleted it, cleared the cache, emptied the recycle bin, cancelled my links, deleted my shared folders and all the other suggestions in nine pages of customer support (including some utterly patronising comments from 'super users' which were critical of ill-informed users rather than helpful) and all to no avail, I have exported all my files to Google Drive (easy to do) and uninstalled DB.

Luckily I noticed that I was still logged into DB, so I am making use of the opportunity to vent my spleen before signing out from this ghastly ordeal...for good.

I was sufficiently keen to sort the space issue that I spent an hour on (Google!) hangouts to my techie son in Japan who couldn't sort it either, his comment: 'Dropbox is a pain, too expensive and not user friendly. Google Drive is easier and £2per month for 100GB'.

Had Dropbox developed a system whereby I could have cleared out some space, filled that, cleared out again and so on until I was sure that I needed more space, I would happily have paid the extra for more.

Good luck to anyone in the same situation, I hope you find out how to do what has wasted a day of my life, if not, I assure you that the step I've taken feels great...



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lol. I did a search and this popped up. I'm with the rest of you. These pesky repetitive notifications need to find their way as an option or turn off small changes in file size from repeating the same message. I'm at 97%.

My solution is simple, move the files over to Onedrive. No more notification spam! winking face

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Also did a search and found this page. I find this incredibly annoying. Please add an option to disable space notifications. If I can't find a solution soon, I'll probably end up transferring everything over to another service.

Level 3

Same here, I have three pcs all nagging me to upgrade even after I went and cleaned out some files.  I'll click it a couple more times, but if it doesn't stop I'm just going to uninstall and buy more gdrive space.