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Pre-populate Dropbox on a new computer

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Pre-populate Dropbox on a new computer

Can you load Dropbox files from a backup to a new computer in order to avoid the lengthy and painful initial sync process? I have over 250GB in Dropbox and have had to rebuild a computer twice now and pull down the data twice now. Even on my high speed Internet connection it is painful. Besides, it ends up exceeding my monthly limits from my ISP. I have tried to do this by simply restoring the folders from a backup but it still seems to sync everything (and create duplicate directories).

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It merges files with the cloud fine, if they are the same file it says it is uploading or downloading it but its just a set of index values, created the same at each end, and it means the same file. Different and you start getting conflicted copies.
Either add them all to an existing dropbox folder or if it wont use the same folder let it rename it then drag and drop all the files once it does create one.