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Printing Comments on PDFs

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Printing Comments on PDFs

I love that our clients can post comments to the PDFs without having to download. However, I need a way to be able to print these comments without having to screenshot them every single time. Preferably, the comments attach to the PDF. That way when we open it in Acrobat, the comments are still there on their correct pages.

Super User

I don't know if this is what you are looking for but if you go to the web interface, (using browser) and go to the PDF thats uploaded, click on the pdf and it will open it up in another web page, there will be on the right hand side a comment box and you type your comment and it can set to automatically email a reciepient 

Level 2

I think what people want is the ability to simply print the comments people provide in dropbox. Can dropbox or anything else do that?