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Pulling support for Mac OS 10.4 & 10.5

New member | Level 1

Why pull support and remove functionality? Why not just drop support -- just stop updating the app but still allow basic functionality? There are still a lot of legacy machines that are still in use and CANNOT upgrade to 10.6, as they are PowerPC based. Yes, old systems still work. Why stop the app from working totally instead of just deprecating support for those systems?

Current Status: Unspecified

saxfun s. New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Yes, this would be a GREAT idea! i have many machine with 10.5.8 and i love dropbox also on those machines, please don`t pull the trigger!!!!

Michael F.2
Explorer | Level 3

I agree. I cannot update my G5 operating system and this is the primary system I use for dropbox. If it no longer will support this system then I can't use dropbox. going to lose a lot of users over this.

Michal M. New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

I too use a perfectly working Apple G5 that is PowerPC based running 10.5.8. I can't upgrade my system and my company isn't going to buy a new computer yet I need Dropbox to add and access my colleagues files. Is it necessary to pull the functionality as Matthew asks? How far back are PC users functional? We've got legacy machines running hi tech biomedical equipment using systems older than this!!

Linda O.1 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

I totally agree! I am artist and I too can't update my G5 - it's just the nature of the beast and the programs it supports which are NOT supported in updated systems. PLEASE RECONSIDER - I VALUE AND NEED DROPBOX FOR MY WORK. IT'S WHAT MAKES OFF-SITE COLLABORATION POSSIBLE. Thank you.

Marty S.1 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

There's going to be a lot of customers impacted by the IMPLEMENTATION METHOD of this decision. Stop supporting older versions of the Dropbox application, and their specific OS, if necessary. But having the application stop working is just impacting customers/installations of Dropbox that is needless.

I'd be perfectly okay with the decision if only it meant I'd never see another update on those systems. Are you trying to tell us there are known, but unfixed, security issues and you don't want us running this code?

"Killing" an application like this is a pretty darn serious act.

Bill B.2 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Adding another voice to the request to not drop 10.5 support. Doing so would greatly impact my workflow. I regularly use a G5 machine, which can't be updated beyond 10.5.8.

Richard S.3 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Please do not remove Desktop Sync functionality for OS X 10.5 Leopard. In my small studio, I still run a robust web server (XAMPP) and file server (AFP/SMB) on my Mac PPC G5 tower (which runs the highest Mac OS it can – 10.5). Dropbox desktop sync is part of the the equation. I cannot afford to upgrade that server hardware. There is no need to. It is rock solid – it just keeps on going.

I am also curious how far back your support for Windows stretches.

Richard S.3 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

P.S. I still use the old YouSendIt (now Hightail) application in Mac OS X 10.5.8 on my G5. Hightail saw fit not to "pull the plug" on a large pool of dependable Mac PPC computers.

Erik Y. New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Just adding my support here for not killing the app for PowerPC (Tiger/Leopard). So, you cut us out from newer versions. Fine, but throwing us out altogether is punitive.

Sugarsync still allows PowerPC connections using a PowerPC version of their app. Why can't you? Why must we be forcibly logged out?

I have several Macs that use Dropbox and only one Intel Mac. Throwing us out makes Dropbox on the Intel Mac irrelevant. And don't give us this we can use the browser stuff. Uploading one file at a time when you have many files is just not doable and defeats the very purpose for why Dropbox was created.

I urge you to reconsider this decision. Skype threw us out too, but creative PowerPC minds found a workaround and plenty of PowerPC users are still using Skype.

Nathan H.1 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Add another voice of concern here.

Dropbox is one of my favorite tools, and the fact that it can sync my Macbook Pro, Power Mac G5, Windows 7 PC, and various iOS devices is huge. To drop even the G5 will force me to look at other options. The website is a really poor option. I rarely use it.

Of course, I know Leopard users are running old computers. It's tough to have to target our machines after all these years. I understand all that, but you are also diminishing some serious value in your sync service by dropping support for some older machines. Hopefully, the Dropbox team can take another look and figure out a work around? Are there other ways of accessing a Dropbox folder (webdav, ftp, etc)? Can we freeze the older version of Dropbox and limit to the most minimal of features? Help us out.

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