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Removing a person from all shared folders and files

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I share my various folders and files with different people. I want to remove one person ("X") from all the folders and files that are shared with X.


Is there any menu I can go to to simply "Unshare all folders and files with X"? Or is my only option to go through every folder and file to check who it's shared with and remove X if it's shared with X?



JohnnyNYC Level 2
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Hey Dropbox Team,

This request has been out there for what looks to me like more than a year -- with no progress made.

It seems like you’re dragging your feet so that this will eventually be added to the Business account package, and then you will try to make everybody who wants it upgrade their accounts.

There’s been a couple of people already say that they are their ditching Dropbox altogether as a result – I’m pretty close to that as well.   This is my personal account, and I’ve used it actively to orchestrate a family reunion, plan a wedding, and even manage a bunch of playoff brackets with other weekend warriors I play with.  And I’ve read all of the comments – so I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So don’t you think it might be prudent to reconsider making the change -- sooner rather than later – to the basic account?  Because not only will I go elsewhere, but the small businesses I consult with are going to hear about how non-responsive you are on a daily basis.

Or are you determined to behave more and more like Microsoft every day?

Scuba Level 2
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Dear Dropbox, 

There is a well-established need to be able to:

1. Identify every file that a particular person has access to

2. Have the option to remove a particular person from all files they have been given access to at one time

Why isn't Dropbox accommodating this request? Is there a problem? 


Brick Level 2
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I literally joined this forum JUST to comment on this thread... I had a colleage leave my company who has access to over 30 folders and now I need to go folder by folder and search for his name. Please add this simple feature to DropBox!

Hi again to all, that’s some great feedback indeed & commenting under the features that would steamline your workflow definitely surfaces some trends. I’m just pinging you back on my end, as it would definitely be helpful to give this idea a small push by upvoting 🗳️ this implementation. 
Thanks again to everyone for sharing your thoughts with us on the Community! 
Brick Level 2
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What is upvoting an implementation?


Oh, I mean that you can hit the 👍 (thumbs up) button through the OP’s reply, as these votes are also taken into consideration @Brick. Please let me know if you have more questions!