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Removing email addresses from Dropbox "address book"

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Removing email addresses from Dropbox "address book"

How do you remove email choices that Dropbox serves up when you start typing in a name when you are going to share a file/folder? I have erroneous email addresses that I'd love to remove from that list.

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no function exists for this.

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This would be great, but unfortunately, that button appears to be broken.  I just tried it.  I did disconnect my linked address books, but my previous recipients still show up when I try to share a link.  I'm almost certain there is a bug wherein it doesn't seem to be deleting cached previous recipients.

Also, once you've clicked that button once, it doesn't show up again.

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I, and several Team members, are having this same issue.  As the Admin, I'm the one they're complaining to.   I'm getting nowhere with DropBox Support.   This is so basic - I can't believe Support can't fix this. 


It's unacceptable and I will be approaching my superiors about finding an alternative to DropBox. 



Has Dropbox solved the problem Re: deleting or editing auto corrected address entries? I note some conversation about this issue in 2016 but I don't see anything indicating that an actual fix was found. I have an email address in my addressees which is identified with an incorrect name. 

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So still no fix for this?