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Replicate / Duplicate a document (dropbox paper)

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Replicate / Duplicate a document (dropbox paper)

Is there a way to duplicate/replicate a Paper document?  or create a template?


Currently there is no way to duplicate documents or create templates. Could you share what you would like to use templates for Chevas?

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Hi  @kaz,


Our nonprofit admin team is using Paper every day to collaborate. We have meeting agendas and data forms that get recycled every month, and we would love to be able to have a template function on Paper for these.


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I would also love this! I have client intake forms & scorecards I would love to be able to replicate w.o a copy/paste...

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Me too!  I spent hours making a new employee checklist & embedding docs, etc only to find that I can't duplicate it. It's useless if I can't make one for each new employee to check off items as they go. They can't all use the same one because they should each check off their progress as they go on the sheet so I can see their progress & check in with them if they're lagging. So this puts me back with using google sheets until this is a function. Every time I try to use paper for something, I find that I can't actually use it in a functional way & have to go to something else...  :(

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sorry, found the answer.


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I was looking for the same answer to can I make a template. Then started playing around in the application.

I created a document with all my check lists. I selected all the copy on the pages and copied it.

Then I created a new paper document and just pasted all of it in. It looks to me like that works.

Paper could really change the way I work everyday. If I can get everyone else on board!

It looks like this might be a workaround: select all the content on the page you want to duplicate, create a new doc, paste the contents. 

It seemed to work for me. 

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Please make a way to create sub folders and templates! We use paper but need consistency in our format!!!





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Who has only documents that have no repeating structure? People who create documents only occasionally. For Dropbox Paper to be useful for everyday use it has to have some kind of way to duplicating documents.

Level 2

yes, i would love to be able to fully duplicate a doc to solve another problem : 

we use paper to collaborate.

many comments are added to our posts.

when i copy paste the posts to archive done events, the comments are lost.

So, duplicating the entire doc, including the comments, would give us the possibility to save the old versions of the document, without loosing the comments.