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Request to delete Notifications from the Dropbox desktop application.

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How do I delete the notification that someone sent me/shared a file from the desktop program?

claire m.16
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Hey Jon M.16

In turn I really enjoyed reading your comment in this thread that just goes on and on!

There are so many angles to this that are hilarious, I'll just stick with my belly laughter, and wonderment for the user who chided us on the other thread because all these frustrated users don't understand how frustrating we are for developers, who are doing a very difficult job! (see link to the parallel thread provided by me higher up).

Just let me know when the glowing  blue dot on my notifications is replaced by a bulk "SELECT/DELETE PERMANENTLY" action.


Jon M.16
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You are correct.

I guess it's easy to fire off a snarky email and bash developers who live somewhere far away, so cheers to all of you out there who have to balance the customer service goals with the internal desire to tell someone to $dizzy face(*@$dizzy face#(* off, I wouldn't be able to do it as gracefully. 

It'd be nice to "get there one day" for sure, but after what I just went through with a nearly fatal "iCloud Drive" experiment, those old notifications can sit there forever as long as I can always have access to my files. I take comfort in knowing that when the zombie apocolypse gets here, it will be me, my client archives and my...old notifications...and I am ok with that. 



Pongsaknaksaard New member | Level 2
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February I have the same problem in that I can't delete notifications in Dropbox. It's truly absurd that this problem exists. I have been a Dropbox user for years. I have programmed in many languages and on many computer systems since 1968. In 1967, I took a course called "Human Factors Engineering", which was when I first learned the word "ergonomics". Ever since, and especially in computer programming, I have been appalled by the incredible lack of "user-friendly" design in so many computer applications. In general, Dropbox does not suffer from this problem — it is the best cloud storage app that I have tried, certainly better than OneDrive and Google Drive. Thus, I am surprised with the response to the "no-delete" problem. It seems obvious that this is an extremely simple thing to fix, so the "probably not going to get fixed" response is baffling — and makes me suspicious of why the fix is not being made. So please at least be "transparent" and tell me and others why Dropbox is so perverse in refusing to make such a simple fix???
williamjdominik New member | Level 2
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I can't believe after years and countless complaints that Dropbox has not fixed this issue. It's just natural that people want to delete unwanted notifications. Dropbox is behind the times technologically since fixing this should be easy. There must be some reason Dropbox doesn't want us to delete notifications, but what possibly could that reason be?
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k@estroner wrote:

How do I delete the notification that someone sent me/shared a file from the desktop program?


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you cannot delete the notifications as they are a permanent record. What you Can do is to request a feature (such as) to only show notifications Since <date>.  How hard can that be?  The more people who request it, the more likely it is to get done.

mpeachey New member | Level 2
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I've got a dozen or so annoying notifications from 6 years ago in the Notifications tab of both Mac OS and Windows OS Dropbox apps. There are no other notifications, even though I have lots of ac tivity.  How do I clear this junk?


Hey @mpeachey, thank you for checking in with us here with this feedback & I appreciate it that you took the time to outline me your observations with this screengrab. I have now moved your comment under the relevant post on the Share an Idea section 💡, where you could upvote (👍) this feature implementation if you’d like to show your support.
From there, it would be worth noting that I’ve slightly modified your image redacting personal information according to our Community Guidelines (which you can review at your convenience). 
Thanks again & please let me know here in case you have any additional questions or thoughts! 
mpeachey New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Seriously, you think that this is a feature request and not a defect?