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Request to delete Notifications from the Dropbox desktop application.

New member | Level 2

How do I delete the notification that someone sent me/shared a file from the desktop program?

Super User II
Super User II
You can't. You can mark it as spam with a right-click, but you cannot delete them. In time they will fall off on their own, or be replaced by other notifications.
estroner New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Thanks for the reply. I have files that were shared three years ago that are still there. It would be nice if I were able to remove that to clean it up. Oh well. Thanks again.


tcut New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

How could it be that Dropbox wouldn't allow for something as basic as deleting notifications? I, too, have obsolete notifications I'd like to clear away so those that remain are relevant/needed and I don't have to wade through graveyards of dinosaurs to find the ones I want easy access to?  Seems uncharacteristically archaic and primitive. 

xaipete New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I agree. How bizzare and annoying that there's no way to delete notifications. I had to mark it as spam and not interesting to get it to go away.


Hey xaipete 

Thank you for this feedback, I can make sure that this will be passed along to the team as a feature request! 

Please bear in mind that you can also disable push notifications on your device, so that you choose which ones you will be receiving.  

Hope this helps, please let me know if you need more clarifications about it, it'll be a pleasure to follow-up.  

Kind Regards, 


nvcac New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

OK - this is months later - where is the 'delete notification' ?  Coming soon?

Hey, guys, there is competition out there that knows how to do this already.


Super User II
Super User II
Dropbox doesnt release roadmaps of features and, being honest, it isnt something I can see coming quickly.

And there is lots of competition. Which is great for us. You can always leave here if you want slightly smiling face lets you remove account
Dejay C. New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

2 years later and this [profanity removed by moderation] still persists.  I'm not impressed by the quality of Dropbox product managers.

Hey there (@Dejay C.), I understand that this isn’t ideal to you & I appreciate the time you took to share your concern with us. As I’d like to follow your train of thought, please bear in mind that I slightly modified your post according to our Community Guidelines (which you can review at your convenience).
To re-iterate my previous reply on this discussion, I’ll make sure to include your comments along to the relevant team for future iterations, as your feedback has been very valuable & we’re here to make sure that your voice is heard. 
Please feel free to ping me back here in case you have any more Dropbox-specific inquiries & I’d just like to remind you that our Forum Wall is always open to your feedback or questions. Thanks!
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I have the same problem in that I can't delete notifications in Dropbox. It's truly absurd that this problem exists.

I have been a Dropbox user for years. I have programmed in many languages and on many computer systems since 1968. In 1967, I took a course called "Human Factors Engineering", which was when I first learned the word "ergonomics". Ever since, and especially in computer programming, I have been appalled by the incredible lack of "user-friendly" design in so many computer applications. In general, Dropbox does not suffer from this problem — it is the best cloud storage app that I have tried, certainly better than OneDrive and Google Drive.

Thus, I am surprised with the response to the "no-delete" problem. It seems obvious that this is an extremely simple thing to fix, so the "probably not going to get fixed" response is baffling — and makes me suspicious of why the fix is not being made.

So please at least be "transparent" and tell me and others why Dropbox is so perverse in refusing to make such a simple fix???