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Shortcuts to favorites and tree folder view

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Shortcuts to favorites and tree folder view



Ability to add shortcuts to favourite / frequently used folders in Dropbox web interface (like SharePoint)


Tree folder view (similar to Google Drive / smb) in Dropbox web interfac


System admin to select and delete multiple files sitting the “Deleted Files” bin. 

Level 2

Yes, definitely need shortcuts to favorite folders in the web interface so that I don't have to hunt through a tree structure to get to most commonly used folders (which I want to remain buried in the tree structure to keep a logical organization to the folders). On my PC I can accomplish this with Windows Explorer favorites shortcuts.

Level 6

I stopped using paper because it got too messy and I can't lose all that time managing papers and folders (come on, it's 2017!).


Now I'm using - something Paper could had been since the beginning... :(


Same price but much more manageable.