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Stop being such a resource hog

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Stop being such a resource hog

Even with my newest, fastest PCs, Dropbox consumes a huge amount of system resources - especially at wake. You MUST find a way to limit the % of CPU, memory, and disk access that you consume so we can actually use our computers for productive work while Dropbox syncs in the background. With things like Windows Search, SuperFetch, and anti-virus software, there are already enough resource hogs to deal with!

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Agreed. It is getting worse.

I am tired of waiting 5-10 minutes before I can use my computer because Dropbox is hogging all the system's resources Indexing & Syncing.


Today I decided to pause Dropbox so I could get some work done without waiting for the Syncing and Indexing to finish. It took a couple of minutes or more to pause, and then when I checked with task manager it was still using 13% of the processing capacity (on a quad processor machine) when supposedly doing nothing.

dropbox resource hogging.png