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Support file coordination APIs in Mac OS and iOS

Level 6

Unlike Apple's iCloud, Dropbox doesn't use macOS' File Coordination APIs when they read and write a document, so apps that have opened a document doesn't get notified when the document changes.


This leads to all sorts of problems when a document is open simultaneously on two or more platforms.


Do others think that supporting this API would be a good thing?

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Level 6

I have long noticed that mac OS and iOS apps that have opened the same file residing on Dropbox don't update automatically when the file is changed on another platform and have problems saving (conflicts), whereas if the file resides on Google Drive or iCloud Drive, all of this works seamlessly. 


I asked for some clarification from a mac OS / iOS developer, who stated this: "The problem here is that DropBox isn't using macOS' File Coordination APIs when they read and write the document, so our app doesn't get notified when the document changes."


The question to my mind is: why doesn't Dropbox use the File Coordination APIs? And more importantly, when will it, so that it is at parity with respect to other cloud sync services?


If you agree that it's important to add this feature, please vote above.