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Swipe/Drag to select multiple files or photos on iOS

New member | Level 2

When I press the "select" option on Dropbox iOS app, I have to manually click the checkboxes, one by one. There should be a swipe option like there is on iOS photos and so many other apps, so you just swipe (drag) your finger across some files or photos and you select all of them.

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Current Status: Needs more votes

Explorer | Level 3


I have a folder of 500 photos i want to upload to a specific folder.
I click "Upload Photos" and choose the folder containing the 500 photos.
I now have to click on all 500 photos to mark them for upload...

Feature request:
1) "Select All" button to select all photos in the folder
2) Select multiple photos the same was as the Photos App, by click-first-photo-and-hold-and-drag-across all the photos to mark.


Hello @rhn

I appreciate this feature request for our mobile app and the photos uploads. Thanks for suggesting the exact steps that can make this easier. Our devs will review your comments. 

Alternatively, you could upload a folder of 500 photos to a specific location, drop the folder in the Desktop app if you are using it. I always do this via the desktop application, it can be faster than the phone (steps to speed it up) and the process is only drag and drop mouse three button

Thanks again for your feedback. 

Status changed to: Needs more votes

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