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Sync dropbox across multiple locations/hard drives

New member | Level 2

I have a larger dropbox account than my primary hard drive. It would be great if dropbox could support virtual links to files outside of it's default location, without those files having to also be in the main dropbox folder. I am aware of shortcuts/aliases on windows/OSX, but those don't solve the problem if my primary drive has limited space.

This is one workaround, but native support through the Dropbox client would be ideal:

Current Status: Not for right now

Clint D.1 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

While I will continue to use Dropbox, I also would GREATLY benefit from this premium feature—and I would pay more for it. 


In my scenario, I am co-editing a single video project each week and moving a 7200 RPM hard drive between two locations. If we could sync files to two different drives overnight, we'd eliminate the need to "sneakernet" the drives back and forth. We're talking around 8-12GB of added data each week.


There doesn't seem to be any other method to sync two drives (reliably) over/through the cloud. I can't use Dropbox because I am not able to use my internal drive where all my other files are located/synced (not enough space and not practical for long-term usage since the amount of total archived data grows significantly each week).

Helpful | Level 7

I like this idea but after using Dropbox using junctions to sync files on an SD card because their software refuses to link to one directly, I wouldn't use it.  The main reason is that when Dropbox doesn't see the external drive for whatever reason (either it's offline or just not connected), it will report an error and make you relink... or it will just delete them if it's a subfolder.


I saw Know How on about using a Synology NAS to sync to Dropbox and other cloud services.  It was impressive enough to the point where I'm going to use that.  Store all my files on the NAS and then turn off my computer while it syncs with lower power drain and not having to have my PC on.  If I need a Dropbox folder for offline use, then I'll use Selective Sync in the Dropbox client for just those folders.  If it works like they showed it, I'm just going to do that as it seems easier.

Status changed to: Not for right now

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on this idea here!

While we can't take every idea forward, we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes.

Thanks again!

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