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Time for Family Program Support . just like google or more.

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The year is 2020 . I love dropbox . 

Its time to support Family program . Im married with 3 kids and there is no reason why my family cannot enjoy space in dropbox. 

for the first time im thinking to shift to google just because this feature is a real changer for me. 

With such feature , my wife can store her stuff in her own storage premitter , separated from mine and so does my kids . 

In 2020 it does not make sense only one member of the family can store his workloads in paid account and login using the same credentials in all family devices ...

Its time for dropbox to prioritize family program or stay behind .


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I Agree.

My partner does not use as much storage as me. So right now I have a 100gb google drive storage where we can both access our stuff. I would still prefer, however, to stick with dropbox and pay a bit more for a proper family plan. Not some silly team or business plan. We're a family, not a company.

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I dont this will ever happen if I'm honest - they've been vocally against it for a long time saying Businesses would 'use it' and expect Business level services on a home use plan.

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Thanks Mark .

but lets think about this for a sec.

Dropbox can and should limit the family peigram for max of ~5 family members .

How can that be used as business? do we really think most drop business are 5 members or less ? 

Does not make sense to me .  Family program is the present and either DropBox would stay behind or postion themselves as leaders .

doing so is a win win .

for privates , families and business .