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Try Dropbox For Business (Dropbox Advertising)

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Try Dropbox For Business (Dropbox Advertising)

Please Dropbox, how about you stop telling me to "Try Dropbox For Business". It's really annoying.

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I'm very annoyed! Can't you just tone it down?! I'm a paying Pro customer, I don't need the ads!

Community Manager

Hi Eddie

Sorry to hear that - If you're referring to the ad on the left-hand side of, you have an 'X' button to close it. If you're using the desktop client, you won't have any ad at all.

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I'm talking about:
* the ad on the left-hand side (which comes back)
* the link at the top of the page that says Try Dropbox For Business
* the yellow notification that popped up this morning when I entered the website
* the newsletters

I might as well go back to a free account, at least the ads then would prompt me to become a Pro user which is actually relevant.

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Adverts? How could they! To think they are advertising to the free users, what hardship for you. You could just pay for an account and not get ads.

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Dave, my polite response.
"Don't be so presumptuous! I'm a paid Pro user (1TB account), not a FREE user."

Future replies appreciated from Dropbox Staff only, please!

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LOL dude, I was indeed! I assumed you were free as a paying customer should NOT be getting them, I dont.
FYI this is a user supported forum, you would be better making a\support request

I have this same problem and it is beginning to REALLY bug me - especially considering I already pay for my DropBox account. If I wanted to pay to be hassled by ads that are completely irrelevant to me I would just ask Facebook to start charging. Please turn it off.

Level 2

I've been using the 1TB subscription service for a while now.

I frequently have to use the Dropbox web panel and am consistently advertised and suggested Dropbox business.

It looks like a great service, but it's a million miles further than anything I need personally.

A way to stop the adverts for Dropbox Business on a paid Dropbox account would be fantastic.

Level 1

Completely agree with this. It is really DAMN ANNOYING!!!! 

Stop trying to sell me something I have no use for and already pay you as much as I can pay you. I don't deserve to be told I'm not paying you enough. 

Get rid of the buttons and ads for Pro users. When a service comes along that can rival dropbox, I will switch to them, unless they do the same stupid thing. 


Level 1

Please stop asking to switch to bussiness its now covering the entire screen