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Unzip a file inside dropbox

Level 2

Uploading the zipped file to dropbox and unzipping it inside would save a lot of time and traffic for users. Some of the web services already exist for that (like this one, but as they use their own server capacities, they cost money. Unzipping inside the dropbox may be an additional feature inside the dropbox itself. I would even pay for that a little xtra.

Beverley S.2 Level 2
Level 2

Amen to that!

Luca S.2
Level 1

I agree. 

I have the same request. I'm currently shifting the photo library to DB from GPhotos, and the Google buggy export tool creates several 2.15 Gb archives into the Dropbox folder. I've activated Selective Sync to exclude them from my desktop client (more than 80 Gb), and it would be really handy to decompress them directly into DB rather than download one, unzip and re-upload.


Shawn C.1
Level 1

Agreed.   Having to purchase another third party app is time consuming and cumbersome.  I'd gladly pay for an in-app DB purchase and have native support.

emmanuel c.3
Level 1


very needed feature for people using Dropbox inside IOS (that is, not from a PC nor a Mac, but just from an IPad).

owen k.1
Level 1

Really needed Feature. Would Make me want to use dropbox more than other cloud storage companies.

Duncan M.5
Level 4

Ditto. I download zips on my phone, send it to an app called Documents, unzip it, and then send it unzipped from Documents to Dropbox. What a pain.

Shawn D.2
Level 1

YES PLEASE! For those of us using DB for audio recording applications could REALLY benefit from this.

Julie C.15
Level 1

Yes please, I use paid level of Dropbox to store quantity of files too large for my computer. (pictures)  I cannot download and unzip, I need to be able to unzip within Dropbox for this to be a useful storage option for me.

Mudbug Level 2
Level 2

I would really appreciate this feature as well. I would like it to be included as part of our company/group subscription, but would be willing to consider paying a little more if it were an add-on option.

Jérémy P. Level 2
Level 2

+1, much needed feature.