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Using Dropbox on iMac running IOS and Windows 7.

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Using Dropbox on iMac running IOS and Windows 7.

I think my situation is unique in that I am using a Mac and also running windows 7 through Parallels emulation software. My problem is I use Office 2007 and save excel files to my dropbox folders. In order to save space for the dual op systems I needed to eliminate the windows dropbox. The files are synced on the IOS side of things so they exist on the HD. I am not able to access dropbox from the Save menus in Office or through Explorer. I probably dont have the space to sync them twice in both systems. Am I limited to only syncing certain directories or am I missing something?

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 OK, So I found where the workaround was. I do not have to run Dropbox on both systems. When doing a "Save As" I have to drill down into the mapped drives on the left pane of the save window to "Home on iMac" folder and work my way into Drobox from there. You cannot map the Dropbox drive so as far as I can see this is the only way. But it still allows me to pin certain files to the taskbar for quick opening.